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Home » » Yoshizumi, Japanese Intelligence That Turned Being Devoted To Indonesia

Yoshizumi, Japanese Intelligence That Turned Being Devoted To Indonesia

Japan to send troops to Indonesia to possess. But this is precisely the one soldier who offered his life for Indonesia.

SOEKARNO honor two Japanese soldiers who fought for Indonesia. Besides Ichiki Tatsuo, the other one is Tomegoro Yoshizumi.

Yoshizumi born in Oizumi-Mura Nishitagawa in 1911. At the age of 21, he became one of the many Japanese military rearview sent to the South (Dutch East Indies). At that time, Japan sent many rearview to various countries for a variety of purposes, which is not merely political and military.

"Since opening up, Japan maximizing espionage work for the prosperity of the nation," wrote Wenri Wanhar, Historia journalist, in his book, Traces Intel Japan: The Story of defection Tomegoro Yoshizumi. The rearview Japan was disguised by running a variety of professions, from businessmen to grocery shop brothel.

Yoshizumi disguised as a worker in San'yo shop, the shop of one of the relatives. After that, he plunged into a successful business and merchant. He built relationships with many people, both in Java and outside Java, such as Sulawesi.

In 1935, Yoshizumi carry out the role of a journalist in Nichiran Shogyo Shinbun. In addition to preaching the Japanese victory over Russia in 1905, is aggressively campaigning newspaper jargon "Asia for Asians" and "Japan's older brother", thereby earning the harsh response of the Dutch government. Through his writings in Tohindo Nippo newspaper fusion product Nichiran Shogyo Shinbun and Java Nippo, Yoshizumi the unity of the Japanese in the Dutch East Indies.

Beginning in 1941, Yoshizumi, editor Tohindo Nippo, the Dutch government deported because journalism activities. In Japan, he also coordinated with Kaigun or Japanese Navy. He then was employed to observe and participate in the operation of the South, including Indonesia.

Yoshizumi the Dutch government arrested the day after the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, December 8, 1941. He underwent severe detention in Australia. However, such detention made ​​him turn 180 degrees. It was said by Nishijima, Yoshizumi friend. "Yoshizumi previously a Japanese nationalist right-wing anti-Communists of being a Marxist," wrote Wenri.

The idealism of the left that are then made ​​sympathetic to the Indonesian independence movement and bring it into one of several key figures who helped bring about the independence of Japan Indonesia.

Yoshizumi, when the heads of intelligence sections Kaigun Bukanfu (Japanese Navy liaison office), actively networking and designing underground movement. Yoshizumi meeting with Tan Malaka -and Nishijima- Ahmad Subardjo home shortly after the proclamation of independence August 17 makes a bigger step in the fight.

"Short stories, two Japanese were asked to be an Indonesian," wrote Wenri. Tan Malaka gave Indonesian name "Hakim" to Nishijima and "Arif" for Yoshizumi.

Yoshizumi involved in the struggle for Indonesian independence. First he stole the goods in the warehouse headquarters Bukanfu Kaigun then sell it on the black market. The proceeds given to Tan Malaka to fund a guerrilla war. Yoshizumi also accompany Tan Malaka to Banten. Of Banten, he went to Surabaya. He was in contact with Affandi, union leaders PAL shipyard in the Ujung, Surabaya. To Affandi, he gave input about the establishment of a weapon factory in Mojopanggung, Blitar, and Kediri.

Yoshizumi Tomegoro fall on August 10, 1948 in Blitar, East Java, when guerrilla maintain the independence of Indonesia. Today, his grave can be found at the Heroes Cemetery, Blitar, East Java.

source : aneh unik

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