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Type of Japanese Comics (Manga) By Readers


Who does not know Doraemon's country of origin? Yes, Japan! State of the cherry blossoms is already well-known almost all over the world in producing quality manga. This Japanese comics do tend to loved by many because it offers a lot of interesting stories that deserve to be read and enjoyed.

In Japan, comics are divided based on the target audience, such as kodomo (kids), shoujo (young women), shounen (teenage boys), josei (adult female), and seinen (adult male). The division of a Japanese comic has long been applied in this country, making it easier for readers to buy it. But many people do not know this. Therefore, you should begin to recognize more about the 5 types of Japanese comics as follows:

Type Comics Kids (Kodomo)
In Japan, the genre of children's comics is easily recognized because the story is light and ordinary characters displayed in the children. The plot is even more likely mild and usually the theme of friendship and sometimes mild adventure. Examples of Japanese comic children who may we know is Doraemon, Ninja Hatori, Arale, Kobo-Chan, P-Man and many more.

Type Comic Young Women (Shoujo)
Young women are the target of the comic genre is teenage girls. This is because the story is shown by this comic is more likely to tell the main characters, who are mostly women.

The main character is usually involved in a love story in school life, sometimes in color intrigues the reader little touching. Examples of Japanese comic girls who we know is Fruits Basket, Esper Mami, Sailormoon, and so on. In addition, Shoujo comic is also often packaged in a beautiful series of comics that do not consist of long episodes.

Type Comics Adult Women (Josei)
Comic genre of women today is almost similar to a comic glimpse of shoujo, but the plot is more complicated and complex that a little difficult to understand by female teens. josei comics stories displayed more likely takes place on campus, work, home, and so on. However, there are also limits also taking setting in high school and remained in the complex storyline and still romantic.

An example of this genre is comic Hana Yori Dango, The Wallflower, Glass Mask, and so on. And another thing, this josei comics did not hesitate to show scenes of "adult" explicitly so that the comic producers in Indonesia usually label "grown" on the cover of the comic.

Type Comic Young Man (Shounen)
The goal of shounen comics are adolescent boys. It can be seen from the main character is male, and more likely to be involved in an exciting adventure tinged fights intrigues, magical battles, sword fighting, a duel between robots, and so on. An example of this comic teenagers, among other Naruto, Bleach, Bakuman, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hunter x Hunter, Captain Tsubasa, Samurai X, Slam Dunk, One Piece, Dragon Ball, and so on.

Type Adult Male Comics (Seinen)
Comics this one has targeted the men who have a more complex storyline than shounen comics. Comics seinen shounen glance, it is similar to, but intrigue story shown tend to be more severe, rough, adult humor, and require more complex thinking. An example of this comic genre of adult men, among others, Gantz, Initial D, Otoboke, Kariage, and so on.

In addition, Crayon Shinchan comic was included in the seinen genre for featuring a story line contains adult humor and it was about more inclined to teach adults to understand children's thinking.

So, have you know the type of Japanese comic shared by readers? Thus you will not go wrong again to determine a suitable comic for yourself and children. This is because, the flow and purpose of each comic has a level of complexity that is different. Is not that so? Let's be wise in choosing!

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