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Home » » Unique! Monkey's 'Profession' As a Midwife!

Unique! Monkey's 'Profession' As a Midwife!

Peking - For all living things, giving birth is a tremendous momentum. However, remarkable, monkey took part in the birth process neighbor, by acting as a midwife.

Events of a monkey to help others who give birth, very rarely recorded previously in detail - through photographs and video. In 2013, a group of scientists watched the hairy monkey black-and-white, snub-nosed labor are helping each other. But only a few details about their interactions were published.

In the wild, animals destined for delivery alone. A female usually maternity unaided, alone elsewhere. Unlike human mothers who give birth with the assistance, as well as possible interventions that make the process run smoothly.

Recently, Chinese scientists witnessed the langur monkey or lutung helping other female births. And they document them properly. At that time, Meng Yao, an assistant professor at Peking University, Beijing, and colleagues are studying a group of white-headed lutung living in the wild in China.

Although there is endemic, the species is very rare, there are only 800 animals living free - making them the list of the most endangered primates in the world.

In the journal Primates, Professor Yao and colleagues describe the events of monkeys who played midwife in Nongguan Hills, Guangxi, China. Near Chongzuo Biodiversity Research Institute, Peking University.

There, between male and female herd, a 5-year-old lutung give birth for the first time.

When he would pull out the baby, the other females took part. 'Midwife' was 14 years old and had given birth five times - one of them even in the same day.

Seeing a monkey plays a role as a midwife is very surprising the scientists who witnessed it. "His behavior was very unexpected," said Professor Yao. "The female was actively approaching each other in labor, pulling the baby out of the birth canal. Interestingly, the mother had no objection to his actions."

"The phenomenon of 'midwife' barely audible among non-human primates." The researchers managed to record the complete sequence of behavior in detail, between the parent and 'midwife,' and their interaction thereafter.

Here's the sequence: the midwife sat and looked at the other younger females experienced 70 contraction. He was approaching when the baby's head and shoulders visible. Then stand on two hind legs and grabbed the newborn in his hands, then pulled it to his chest.

Within 18 seconds, he pulled the baby from the birth canal as a whole the mother, then licking it.

Finally, the mother asked for her baby, the older females do not mind handing it over. The midwife then sat next to a new parent for a while.

Scientists can only speculate about the behavior. "Midwifery is a common practice among humans. Believed to be the unique behavior of people," said Professor Yao.

However, it may be common among other primates, unlike previously thought. But, only possible in species where females do not form a hierarchy and compete with each other.

Macaques and baboons, for example, are more likely to abduct a baby from each other than helping fellow females give birth.

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