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Woman's phone eaten by crocodile

Zookeepers in Ukraine didn't believe a visitor who claimed a crocodile ate her mobile phone - until they heard its stomach ringing.

Rimma Golovko, a new mum in her 20s, admits being at fault for the accident at an aquarium in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk.

She stretched out her arm to snap a photo of Gena opening his mouth and dropped her Nokia phone into the water, reports the Daily Mail.

"This should have been a very dramatic shot, but things didn't work out," said Ms Golovko.

She told keepers what had happened but they did not believe her until they heard the phone ring.

"The sound was coming from inside our Gena's stomach and we understood she wasn't lying," said aquarium employee Alexandra.

Ms Golovko is resigned to losing her phone, but still wants its SIM card back since that has her precious photos and contacts.

The mishap has caused bigger problems for the crocodile, which has not eaten or had a bowel movement in four weeks and appears listless.

"The animal is not feeling well," said Alexandra. "His behaviour has changed, he moves very little and swims much less than he used to."

Dnipropetrovsk chief veterinarian Oleksandr Shushlenko said the crocodile will be taken for an X-ray next week if he continues to refuse food.

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