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Cute Dog : Smiley Riley does it again

A dog that wowed the world with his distinctly human-like smile a year ago has done it again on his second birthday.

Pictures of Riley the smiling dog at his first birthday party appeared on websites and in newspapers all over the world last year.

Owner Maureen Ravelo, 23, of San Jose, couldn't resist throwing another party for her pet this year - and again recording that famous smile.

Last year, Riley's smile appeared to be oozing satisfaction while this year he seems to be throwing his head back and laughing.

Ms Ravelo said: "Riley always makes faces like this, and that's the best part about him. He gives you a new facial expression every time that you forget he's a dog.

"Ever since he came into my family's life, we've always thought he had oddly human-like features, which have been captured on camera on more than one occasion."

In the picture Riley is about to tuck into a cupcake sprinkled with treats, surrounded by balloons and party decorations.

But one noticeable difference was the absence of the jaunty party hat he wore last year.

Ms Ravelo added: "Yep, no hat. He said big boys don't wear birthday hats. That or he bit me when I tried to put it on him.

"He's a mix of a bichon frise and poodle. His playfulness comes from the bichon part and the attitude from the poodle."

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