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Students set Coke fountain record

Students in China have set a new world record for the number of fountains created by dropping mint sweets inside bottles of Coca Cola.

A total of 2,175 students at Changchun University, in northeast China's Jilin province, simultaneously created geysers, reports New Culture Daily.

They wore plastic coats to stay dry during the spectacular stunt, which was recognised by Guinness, on the university's basketball court.

On a sunny day, the students dropped skewers of sweets into bottles of Coke after a countdown was broadcast through loudspeakers.

Zhang Bofa, vice dean of the university's tourism school, said a lot of preparation went into the successful record bid.

"We tested two ways of putting in the mint candies. One was to drop them through paper pipes and the other was to use skewers. After numerous tests, we chose the latter," he said .

"We ordered 2,450 packs of sweets from a local supermarket, and the day before the event, we had to unwrap them all, put them on skewers and then wrap them again to stop them melting in the heat."

Dropping Mentos mint sweets in bottles of Coca Cola causes a harmless chemical reaction which can create a 25ft high geyser.

The previous record was 1,911 simultaneous fountains set by students of the School of Business Administration in Turiba, Latvia, in 2008.

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