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Only one Wayne Rooney?

Pub workers across the country have officially changed their names to Wayne Rooney to show their support for England's World Cup bid.

Staff working in pubs across England, which belong to the Clover Taverns chain, changed their names by deed poll.

One of the pubs taking part is The Wheatsheaf in Peterborough where 10 members of staff now answer to the name Wayne.

Landlord Steve Watson maintained his status as boss - by changing his name to that of England's manager Fabio Capello.

As well as having changed their names, the entire staff will also be wearing cut-out masks of their football hero as they serve customers.

Fabio, aka Steve, commented: "Rooney is the talisman and the one all the fans are looking to bring the trophy home, so he was the obvious choice among the staff."

Clover Taverns Managing Director Andy Wilkinson, said: "Our staff wanted to do something special for the World Cup to get our punters, and the community, excited and embroiled in the team's campaign.

"I think this is a good-spirited way to do it and will certainly get the banter flowing. And if the team come back with the World Cup hopefully both manager and player will pay homage to their efforts by popping in for a drink served by their namesake!"

But one Wayne Rooney, aka barmaid Kerry Higgins, said: "My boyfriend isn't too happy with the name change. He says he's sleeping on the couch until I get it changed back as he's a devoted Liverpool fan!"

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