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Locked in with 48 tigers

A Chinese safari park has recruited three people to live with 48 tigers for 72 hours.

They have been given a 10 sq metre cage within the enclosure and will record every aspect of the tigers' lives for three days.

Qu Hongtao, spokesman of Qinling Wild Animal Safari in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, said: "We want to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and also raise awareness of the need to protect wildlife."

Mr Qu said he had been amazed to receive a total of 667 applications from "brave people" wanting to live in the tiger enclosure.

"As we only need three people, the success rate is lower than 0.5% making the tiger enclosure harder to get into than the top university in China," he added.

The zoo finally picked three students, Li Hang, Gan Xiaotian, Meng Zihui, for the programme, reports China News Network.

They have been provided with cameras, laptop computers and notebooks to record the activities of the 48 tigers around the clock.

They have been told to record their fights for territory and for mates, and their eating and living habits.

Meng Zihui, a master's degree student from Peking University and the only female participant, said: "Tigers can't speak and vote. We must think for them."


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