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Dog walks backwards on hind legs

A man in China says his clever pet dog walks backwards on his hind legs for more than a mile a day.

Hu Xianwei, of Handan, Hebei Province, says four-year-old Pekinese Zhu Zhu is brilliant at picking up new tricks.

"When I first got him he would let me know when he was hungry by licking my hand and rolling back and forth in front of me," he said.

"I decided to start teaching him tricks - like standing on his hind legs, squatting and waving his paws - and he's so smart he would master each one within a day or two.

"His best trick is playing war games. When I point my hand at him, shaped like a gun, he stands motionless until I say 'bang' when he drops to the floor and plays dead."

Hu takes Zhu Zhu for a walk each day and says he loves to show off, walking backwards on his back legs for two kilometres.

"He even looks backwards over his shoulder to look out for obstacles. And he bows to passers-by when they praise him," he added.

"As long as he has an audience, he is happy to show off his skills - he doesn't need any other reward. I would never sell him!"


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    Dog Walking said...

    Hey that style of Dog Walking is really amazing. smart dog..

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