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Porsche's Black Beauties

The new Boxster S and 911 Black Editions have both been revealed ahead of their public debuts at Marchs Geneva motor show.

Porsche won't be sponsoring the New Zealand rugby team at this year's World Cup as far as we know, but that hasn't stopped the German car maker from unveiling two all-black sports cars.

The new Boxster S and 911 Black Editions have both been revealed ahead of their public debuts at March's Geneva motor show, though it's the roadster that brings more colour with extra power and speed.

The new Boxster S Black Edition gains extra power over the regular S, managing an extra 7kW of power and 10Nm of torque from the same 3.4-litre six-cylinder to increase outputs to 235kW and 370Nm respectively.

The Black Edition is available with either a six-speed manual transmission or Porsche's seven-speed dual-clutch PDK 'box with sports shifters ($5300 extra), and is limited to just 987 models worldwide.

The Black Edition's extra power/torque output cuts the 0-100km/h sprint time by a tenth of a second over the regular Boxster S manual model to 5.2 seconds, while the PDK also shaves off another tenth to achieve 5.1 seconds.

Styling additions include the fitment of sporty silver-rimmed, black 19-inch wheels borrowed from the Boxster Spyder, as well as blackened twin tailpipes, side air intakes and black rollover bars.

The retractable soft-top roof is also black, and there's no prize for guessing the colour of the only exterior paint available.

Darkened interior additions include the gear selector, dashboard trim elements and part-leather seats, as well as limited edition interior badging (with build number) and unique scuff plates. It also gets a sportier-looking steering wheel, black instrument dials and touch-screen infotainment system with sat-nav.

Potential buyers aren't likely to be in a black mood when they find out the price - the Boxster S Black Edition wears the same price tag as the regular Boxster S, starting at $132,400 (plus costs) for the manual and $137,700 for the PDK version.

Porsche's 911 Black Edition gets similar treatment, with loads of dark add-ons inside and out, though the power output from the 3.6-litre 'boxer' engine remains unchanged at 254kW.

Just 1911 Black Edition 911s will be sold worldwide, with local pricing positioned at the same point as the base-model Carrera - $223,000 for the Coupe and $245,300 for the Cabriolet.

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