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Home » » Zara Hatshorn Suffers a lipodystrophy | 13 Years Old but Like a 60 Years Old

Zara Hatshorn Suffers a lipodystrophy | 13 Years Old but Like a 60 Years Old

Zara Hartshorn this girls name could be popular right now in the internet since her weird and bizarre condition. even zara is only 13 years old but she looks older than her age. she looks like a granny. poor girls. Zara suffers a rare disease called lipodystrophy. When someone suffers from Lipodystrophy the body cannot produce fat cells under the skin so the aging process is so much faster. There is no cure and due to the rapid aging it can bring about diabetes, stroke and liver problems. Zara Hartshorn has been robbed of her childhood. Her mom took her out of school because the bullying was so bad. A bus driver laughed in her face recently when she tried to pay the child’s fare. Strangers stare and point in the street. Kids call her “grandma,” “monkey” and “baggy face.”

Zara is the strongest sufferer in her family. Three out of Tracey’s seven children suffers from Lipodsytrophy.

When asked what she feels when she sees her own face in the mirror, Zara said, “I don’t like it. Sometimes I’ll sit in my room and start pulling my skin back, stuff like that. Most teenagers worry about getting spots…. I’m worried about surgery and stuff like that and when’s bullying going to stop.”

Zara Hartshorn is a 13 year old girl but unfortunately she looks older than her friends’ parents as she suffers from a disease called lipodystrophy. It is a genetic disorder which makes the supporting fatty tissue under the skin to crumble while the skin continues to grow. Such a condition is extremely rare and is diagnosed in only 2,000 people around the entire world. This disease is related with insulin resistance, a high triglyceride level, diabetes and fatty liver. Every member of Zara’s family suffers from this disease but her symptoms are more serious than her older siblings. The appearance of a 50 year old woman is creating destructive effects on Zara’s social life.

Zara’s mother Tracey was also born with Lipodystrophy and she knows what Zara is going through. She could tell Zara suffered from the disease when she was just a newborn:
“I was grieving for a child that’s got to go through the same things in life that I’ve had to go through,” she said. “I was angry at myself for actually having Zara.”

“It feels like people are looking down their noses at me and staring,” she said at her home in northern England. “You know when you get that feeling you’re being watched? I feel that everywhere I go.”

Poor girls.. In my deepest heart i’ll pray for zara to gather a better life and she could recover from that condition even i know it’s not an easy disease but i still feels pity on her.. here’s several picture of Zara Hatshorn a teenager who looks like a grandma.

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