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Models pose amongst piles of rubbish

A top fashion photographer has launched a project to illustrate the environmental damage caused by the collapse of Sicily's refuse industry.

Matilde Incorpora has shot top fashion models amongst the growing piles of rubbish in the capital Palermo.

Rubbish collection - which is firmly in the grip of the Mafia - has left trash to rot in the streets of the Cosa Nostra heartland.

Now Incorpora and other fashion leaders have decided to ignore the risks of speaking out, highlighting the problem with a series of snaps of models among the discarded rubbish.

"They look like the world's best dressed down-and-outs but they have a serious point to make," said one fan.

Incoropora explained: "We arranged the photographic set in the streets of Palermo as a form of protest against the environmental damage of this wonderful city with its thousand-year-old history."

The good looks of the models have been posed against some of the city's worst eyesores, looking like a grungy artistic fashion shoot.

Until, that is, the viewer realises that this is no studio set, but instead a real problem afflicting the citizens of Palermo.

Local firefighters have been kept busy as they are called out to extinguish piles of burning rubbish, and there are fears of a health crisis as rotting food and other waste builds up in the streets.

"I hope my photography can help open people's eyes and do something to end this crisis," added Incorpora.

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